I have been a SAHD (Stay at Home Dad) of our BGB (Boy, Girl, Boy) Triplets since March of 2008 and I have not regretted the decision even once.  I use this blog to keep in touch with friends/family, share, vent and from time to time get on the soap box.

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  1. Mom says:

    I like the new look on your own URL—Change is inevetiable but I surely like it better when the change is my decision not someone else’s decision–which is usually the case. So I try really hard to float on top of the water in the stream and not put my foot down. Love, Mom

  2. Quenta says:

    I like the new look … fancy! But how do I sign-in now to correct your typos? 🙂

    Love you!


  3. Paul says:

    Dear SAHD:

    I have 19 month old triplets (BGG) and have been considering quiting my job and staying home with the kids. I see that you don’t regret doing this at all. Do you have any advice for me?

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