Predestination sometimes comes up in discussions with the CFO and friends.  As with most questions I have my answer is “God is God and we are not.”  I feel like a four year old trying to figure out string theory, it just ain’t gonna happen.  But I am a sucker for a challenge so I keep at it.

I know for some people predestination is already decided, that’s funny:)  Some say yes to it and some say know.  But if you believe in it is it really “you” who believes or was it already predestined that you would believe so you it is not really you but God who believes in it, hmmmm.  The CFO and I are listening to the Bible on CD, she during her commute to work and me during my workouts.  We have started in the Old Testament.  One thing I have decided is that before Jesus came to earth in his human form God was a micromanager.

Back to predestination… if I do believe in it then I can really do anything I want to, right.  I mean it is not like I am deciding these things, it is predetermined.  But if I don’t believe in it at all then how do I know that God “wins” in the end as nothing is predetermined?  Which brings me to another sticky questions…. if God “wins” in the end then why all this mess in the middle?  I know, I know… the answer is because “he is God and I am not.”

Maybe it is like our current military conflicts, including the one that the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize winner has gotten us into.  BTW, did you know that Gandhi never received a Nobel Peace Prize?  Also, Stalin and Hitler were one time nominees for the Nobel Peace Prize? Take Iraq for instance.  We could “win” and “beat” the insurgents by pulling all of our people out and nuking them but that would be UGLY.  The “enemy” knows this and they know we have superior technology, fire power, man power, etc… but they keep trying to take out as many of our people as possible.  They are hoping that we will just give up and leave because it is too painful to be there.  Maybe that is what it looks like between God and the Devil.  God could end it all in a flash (think Noah) but that would not be pretty.  So I guess we humans get to slog it out in the middle and do the best we can with what God gives us.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but hasn’t the fine line between sanity and madness gotten finer?
George Price


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