How work has changed

I left the working world back in March of 2008 when the Triplets were about 18 months old.  If you have read this blog before you know I owned my new position as a SAHD.  One of the things that drives me CRAZY is asking people “do you work outside the home?  Staying at home with kids is not work, it is a calling, it is greater than any job out there.  Calling it work is bringing it down to a level of, well, work.

Back to my job.  I am an HR Generalist where I do recruiting and HR.  I have been blessed with a great opportunity, a great boss and great coworkers.  It is funny how easily I got back into the routine of working.  Now, it was not easy to find this position.  I looked for eight months.

The biggest change in work is that it is work.  I can now turn it off more easily than I did before.  I guess six years of staying at home with the kids helped me.  I hope it helped them:)


On the internet you can be anything you want. It’s strange that so many people choose to be stupid.

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