The lead up to cancer diagnosis

I guess I should first write about being diagnosed with hairy cell leukemia.  Yes, I realize that it is a VERY funny name.  It is also VERY rare and VERY treatable.  The whole story started with a cannon ball.  Not the kind that was in the civil war but rather the kind that kids love to do off diving boards.  Bruiser begged and I acquiesced.  I did warn him that I was not going to enjoy it as water was going to shoot up my nose, which it did and I did not.

A week later my nose started swelling and since we were headed to the beach for our end of summer beach trip, I went to the doc in the box.  He told me that I had a contusion and it would heal.  No big deal.  But it did bleed quite often and I had began to get tired more quickly.  A month, yes A MONTH later the doc in a box called and said I had some unusual lab results and they wanted me to come back in.  In the meantime I had tried to give blood but they told me my iron was too low.  That had never happened before.

When I went back the the Dr. they ran more blood work to tell me I had low iron and I was anemic.  They recommended I go on an iron supplement.  Iron supplements can be a pain in the rear, literally.  So I did some research and went with gentle iron and it worked well.  My iron level came up and the only side effect was, well… things were a little darker.  But I was still anemic.  They referred me to a hematologist.  Oh yeah, my spleen was also enlarged, GREAT!

Who knew that hematologists were also Oncologists?  We do now.

More to come,


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