I told a friend the other day that I elevate procrastination to an art form.  No, really, I do.  The friend I told that to is a close friend that I want to help.  I actually feel the need to help him.  His name is Chris Roe and his charity is Encounter Ministries.  They do one fundraiser a year and we need your help.

My goal is to raise $5000.  Sure one check for $5000 would be awesome but I would actually rather have 500 people give at least $10.  Why?  Because I want more people to know what they are up do.  Their #1 “thing” is setting guy’s hearts free.  While that still sounds all sissy to me it really is a big deal.  I feel as if most of us guys are left alone in this world to suck it up and handle all our crap on our own until something becomes so big in our life that we join a 12-step recovery program.  While I think recovery is a great thing I believe there is a middle ground…. Encounter.

Please give what you can,


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