Right now I’m hiding… shhhhhh

The Triplets finished dinner around 5:45pm.  They then started their food induced insanity.  It does not matter what I feed them, chocolate covered espresso beans (I would never waste them on the kids) or organic raw vegetables  they go nuts after they eat.

So I ducked out to fold two loads of clothes.  Then when the tornado moved upstairs I snuck back in to the kitchen to clean up.

I just got busted by Dash!

I plan and the Triplets laugh, cry and cause havoc:)


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One Response to Right now I’m hiding… shhhhhh

  1. Grandma Jack says:

    Go Dash!!! Al, how awesome that you can find humor to share each day……Glad to see the Blog is back on a more regular basis since you are not on a payroll with outside work these days…. Grandma Jack

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