How do Atheists do it?

I don’t understand how Atheists make it through life.  I use to be more agnostic but I never thought that this was it.  I saw a great movie that sort of spelled out the basis of my previous belief, Expelled, No Intelligence Allowed.  It is based around intelligent design as a valid scientific theory and how the scientific community has essentially banned it from all discussions.  Isn’t all “fact” rooted in belief or faith if you dig deep enough?

The most telling scene is the last one where one person he is having a discussion with seems to think the theory that Aliens seeded life on earth millions of years ago as a valid scientific theory but outright rejects intelligent design.  Most of the people against intelligent design say “we don’t know how it happened but we know it is not intelligent design.”  Huh?  Oh yeah, another guy says “it may have happened on the backs of crystals” “amazing things happen on the backs of crystals.”

On to Atheism….  if someone is truly an atheist why would they be nice to people unless is serves them in some way?  Maybe it makes them feel good but it would still be a selfish act.  I mean if you REALLY think this is it and there is no true moral code then why not go get yours no matter what the cost to others.  If you really believed in Dawin’s theory (keep in mind it is a theory) then if you “get one over” on someone then that is survival of the fittest.  It is not your fault that nature has selected you as better than them.  Why punish the people moving up the evolutionary ladder like Madoff?  He just saw a weakness and exploited it.  Isn’t that what predators do?  Nature has no rules, why do we?  For that matter why take care of people who can’t care for themselves?  They are just holding you back.  It is a slippery slope isn’t it?

All that being said I do not admonish people that do not have the same beliefs as me.  If anything I am curious about their viewpoints and how they came to their beliefs.  One of the greatest compliments I have received was from someone online.  I had either commented on their blog post or emailed them telling them that I would keep them and their situation in my prayers.  They said “while I do not ascribe to your beliefs thank you for the support.”  Wow, that was very cool and very gracious.  I wish more people could be like that.  It seems many “non-believers” get really offended and angry when people say something like “God bless you.”  But that is for another post.

I can think of nothing less pleasurable than a life devoted to pleasure.
John D. Rockefeller (1839 – 1937)
We have just enough religion to make us hate, but not enough to make us love one another.
Jonathan Swift


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  1. Jeremy Bear says:

    I deeply appreciated Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed. I was naive enough to walk out of the theater at the time and think, “clearly this’ll ruffle a few feathers, but surely you can’t argue with a film who’s essential message is ‘It’s Dangerous To Squelch Important Ideas’.” But, sure enough, the film was panned on the basis that it was a Creationism propaganda tool.

    Thanks for the post, Al. Some very thoughtful and provocative notions.

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