Sorry Buddy

This falls squarely on rule #1; no good deed goes unpunished.  We took the kids camping with Nuke Doc and his family.  That was good deed #1.  We also let the kids play in the woods, mud, etc… that was #2.  Bruiser’s result:


It really looked like just mosquito bites until Saturday night.  As soon as I relized it was poison ivy I used Zanfel on him.  That helped with the itching but it exploded Sunday into what you see in the pictures.  The CFO took him to the Dr. first thing Sunday morning on got him on steroids.  He is MUCH better now.

The one function TV news performs very well is that when there is no news we give it to you with the same emphasis as if there were.
David Brinkley
The truth that makes men free is for the most part the truth which men prefer not to hear.
Herbert Agar


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  1. Andrea says:

    OMG poor.. =(

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