When is funny not funny?

Being a SAHD I guess some things should bother me but they just don’t.  Take for instance the backlash from some guys about the Huggies ads.  I think it is funny and yes, it represents some guys I know.  I know some of the guys that are offended by the ads and I know they are trying to fight the stereotype of “looser Dads.”

The way I see it more and more people are taking things too seriously.  Everything seems to be personally attacking someone somewhere and they start some petition to stop someone else from doing something.  Maybe there should be petitions that get started to say that funny should win over hypersensitivity.  But maybe I am just old fashioned.

Heck, I bank on people think I am a non-working, slacker that is looking for a free ride by staying at home with the kids.  If they start having all these high expectations for me it would be much harder to beat their expectations.  By the way, expectations are almost always unrealistic… get use to it.  I hear way to many wahhhhhmbulances these days.  It seems the that the years are collapsing.  My kids are whining and adults are whining about things not being “fair.”  The next/current pandemic seems to be the “whine flu.”  The treatment and cure?  A can of “suck it up” or a helping of “perspective” from the nightly news?

Yes, there are stereotypes out there.  Yes, many/most are not true.  But are we really going to turn into a hyper-PC nation where we can’t even say a knock-knock joke because that means that one person is “outside” and another is “inside?”  Which is an obvious shot at everyone that is seen as an “outsider” and thus should be banned:)

Laughter is the best medicine…. no wonder we have to rely on big-pharma for so much.


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