That’s one tough mudder

No, I am not talking about THE Tough Mudder but rather the one that got Princess in the backyard the other day.


Now that the Triplets are easier to bathe I let them get dirtier.  I have always told them, when they can bathe themselves they can get as dirty as they want.  This, however, was not on purpose.  There was a communication breakdown around the mud hole and Bruiser did not know Princess was right behind him.


Playing in the mud is probably one of the funnest things I remember doing as a child.  Here are some reasons that I should let them do this more often:

  • It is outside
  • You can do it in bad weather
  • It does not require batteries
  • You can do it just about anywhere
  • It does not cost money
  • There are no uniforms you must buy
  • No training or practicing is required
  • They need a bath anyway
  • It is good clean fun:)
As soon as the dirt is hitting the casket, it’ll all be forgotten.
Eric Bogosian
I may not yet be as old as dirt, but dirt and I are starting to have an awful lot in common.
Stephen R. Donaldson


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