Sorry about that sweetie

The CFO had a girls night at the house last Friday night so the Triplets and I headed to Nuke Doc’s for the night.  He and I played Black Ops till about one o’clock in the morning.  The next day we headed to Krispy Kreme to sugar and caffeine up before a hike.

We went to one of Nuke Doc’s favorite places, Moss Rock Preserve.  It has some good trails, rocks to climb, and logs to cross.  On the way back to the van the boys went across a log over a small stream by themselves just like Nuke Doc’s boys.  Addison wanted a little assurance from Daddy, no problem.  Unlike the first time over, I decided to go through the stream walking on the rocks.  I was using Addison’s stick in my other hand to balance.  Unfortunately, Addison had chosen a stick for supporting the weight of a four year old rather than a forty year old.

Long story short, the stick broke and I compensated by stepping to another rock a little too far away from the log.  Addison’s trust in Daddy is so strong that she held on even when Daddy seems to be pulling her off the log.  SPLASH!  She went in.  Luckily it was only up to her ankles but she was not happy.

It took me a little while but I finally convinced her that if I carried her, the shoes would not dry out.  But if she walked she would dry them out more quickly.  “How” she asked.  My answer… “when you walk your feet heat up and can help to dry out your shoes.  It worked:)

I don’t necessarily agree with everything I say.
Marshall McLuhan (1911 – 1980)
I know God will not give me anything I can’t handle. I just wish He didn’t trust me so much.
Mother Teresa of Calcutta


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  1. Kaitlin says:

    I have many memories of hiking/camping as a kid. So fun!

    The other day my friend convinced her 5 year old to put her stinky shoes outside. She was concerned the bugs would get in them so my friend told her they were too stinky and the bugs wouldn’t want them. It worked. The 5 year old came to the conclusion that if the bugs started going in that they were not stinky anymore. Yay for convincing kids that our ideas are right 😉

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