I’m so idiot

For some reason I have a knack for over estimating what I can get done as a SAHD of Triplets.  The CFO will mention something and I am like “oh sure we can get that done today.”  Keep in mind that I almost always get it done, I just underestimate the challenge that it will be.

We are painting the boys’ room.  My goal yesterday was to get the first coat on the walls.  We had already done the ceiling and the trim.  I am truly amazed that the paint in the can, in the tray and on the roller did not dry before I finished.  With some help from a friend I got it done with only one little hand print on the wall (from Dash).  I wrangled a friend into playing with the kids in the back yard:)  Of course it took me over five hours to get it done:)  Coat #2 going on today along with the electrical work.

Talk sense to a fool and he calls you foolish.
Euripides (484 BC – 406 BC)
Al: Didn’t you study the manual at all?
Tim: A real man doesn’t need a manual.
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