Dealing with Gen I

I am not sure on the dates of Gen I but our Triplets are definitely part of it.  Bill Gates first discussed “Generation I” in 2000 but that related to the Internet.  The CFO sees them as Gen I because of the Iphone, Ipod, Itouch, Ipad….  not to mention “I want.  Maybe this would be Gen I to the 2nd power?

The “I” stuff makes technology so easy, maybe too easy.  I know that Steve Jobs did some amazing and incredible things with technology.  But what I think the most dramatic impact is that we now have WAY more ways to “waste” our time.  We can watch videos anywhere on your Smarty phones and I stuff.  That is if you are not busy listening to music, facetiming, playing apps, etc…

Where does all that “extra time” come from?  Primarily our direct interaction with each other.  Now we have a lot of “single serving” interactions and rarely in person.  If you are ever with someone else in person you are almost always also “communicating” with several other people through one of our many electronic devices.  When I worked outside the home I would even email someone sitting next to me.

What does this mean for our kids, Gen I?  It means that we (I) need to be sure that we put down the electronics and focus on them.  I do not want my kids to remember the top of my head (as I look down at my phone) more than my face.  Not to mention, what are we teaching them?  We are teaching them to not make eye contact and not focus on people.

Oh wait… I need to get off the laptop:)  lol

Where facts are few, experts are many.
Donald R. Gannon
A person is never happy except at the price of some ignorance.
Anatole France (1844 – 1924)


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