Update Me!!

When I say “Update Me!” I say it in the persona of “Little Shop of Horrors.”  If we add any more devices that need tending to I will need a promotion to SAHD, VP of Technology:)  The Triplets got Leapster Explorers from Mimi and Grandaddy.  They need batteries and daily updating for them to get some treats and shampoo for their “pets.”  Add to that I handle some updating for two laptops for the CEO and a few other things around the house.  There has got to be a market for this sort of thing… tech lackey to the wealthy:)

Keep in mind that I am not complaining… it just hit me today.  We have a lot of stuff that requires batteries (rechargeable) and periodic updating.  Cameras, PS3, computers, Leapsters, etc…  The other think I think about is how much time is spent doing all these things so I “waste” more time using them.

Just as example… before something like Christmas.  I charge the video camera, the SLR, and the flash.  Then I check the SD cards and make sure I have uploaded all the pics/vids.  After filming/shooting I download the video/pics.  I then edit the photos I want to share and upload them.  The video then needs to be edited.  All the while I might be missing what I am doing all this to remember… time with the kids.  I’m just saying….:)

Handmade presents are scary because they reveal that you have too much free time.
Doug Coupland


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