Last night the boys and I were wrestling.  Bruiser started with a few rules… then added more as we went.

  • No grabbing me
  • No tickling me
  • You have to freeze when I say “freeze”
  • No pushing me
  • Don’t grab me with your feet
  • You can’t turn around

The list went on…  I kept telling him “one day you will be strong and smart enough to beat me but not today.”  Then I became the horse and the cowboy wanted a ride.  The humor continued…

  • Bruiser: “Heeee Yaaawww”
  • Daddy: “That’s Yeee Haawww buddy”
  • Bruiser: “Yiddy Gup”
  • Daddy: “That’s Giddy Yup buddy”

The CFO was laughing the whole time enjoying the show.  Fun times!

People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.
Dale Carnegie
Fun is good.
Dr. Seuss


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