A valid argument or a cop-out?

I heard a radio show the other day where the sovereignty of God was mentioned a few times.  The radio show was discussing the ethics involved with reproductive assistance.  In particular, in vitro reproduction.  The guest was an ethics professor at a Christian school.  His answer to more than a couple of questions went something like this… “That would bring up a whole different discussion about the sovereignty of God and whether or not humans can supersede it.”

One of the questions that he answered that way was a caller that asked about some of the sex selection that is happening these days during the in vitro process.  The caller wanted to know if it was ethical.  He said that to discuss whether or not the selection of the sex of their child was ethical would require discussing if we can surpass the sovereignty of God.  He went on to say that what happened to the other embryos was definitely an ethical issue for Christians.

I thought that was an interesting comment.  So, is it a cop-out or a valid argument to say that everything and anything we do is not “playing God” as God is sovereign?  There are a lot of topics that could fall into this area… GMOs,  reproductive assistance, splitting the atom, etc…

I don’t have any answers, I’m just saying…:)

God has no religion.
Mahatma Gandhi
I could prove God statistically.
George Gallop


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