I’m just saying…

The Triplets have a relatively new defense mechanism that they have picked up.

  • Triplet: “I’m gonna hit you!”
  • Parent: “That’s not nice”
  • Triplet: “I’m just talking about it”

Since that exchange the CFO and I (along with some friends) laugh every time we hear someone (including us) say “I’m just saying.”  It happens more than you may think.  For instance, in Church last Sunday our Preacher said something a some may have thought was a little tough on some people which he quickly followed up with “I’m just saying…”

It seems that this is a close cousin to “Bless their heart” which we all know allows any Southerner say ANYTHING about anyone else without any repercussions.  It can even be used at the beginning of a statement as a preventative measure to counteract any harsh comments that may be forthcoming.  Yes, you MUST be a Southerner (by birth or naturalization) to use “Bless their heart.”  It may also be used face to face even when disparaging that person.  You are depriving some poor village of their idiot, bless your heart.  See, it sounds so much nicer and even sounds funny when you add “bless your heart” to it.  I would say it is just as sweet as vinegar pie:)

Where all think alike, no one thinks very much.
Walter Lippmann (1889 – 1974)


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