Please pray for a couple expecting Triplets

A fellow blogger, dare I say friend, is having a VERY tough go of things (HUGE understatement) with their pregnancy.  His wife’s water broke this past Tuesday, at 21 weeks.  Here is their latest post, “We Can Hope.”

Please pray for them if you pray.  If you don’t pray then please do whatever you would do if you were in a foxhole with an enemy army surrounding you.  Believe in good mojo?…. send it.

The Bear Triplets and their parents need you,


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  1. Lynn Leaming says:

    So sorry to read that the Bear Triplets did not make it. I do appreciate you giving me the opportunity to pray for them. My heart goes out to their parents. It is so hard to understand the “whys” of such a tragedy. Continuing to trust in a God who knows the whys and will redeem it all one day.

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