We take our imagination seriously around here

The other day the CFO and I heard a scream from Addison then a VERY loud scream from William.  We then heard William walking downstairs crying, which is a rare thing so we decided to investigate.

As it turns out Princess had just bit Bruiser.  When I say bit I mean a full set of teeth marks on his back, the kind CSI would love to have in a crime.  Here is a play by play:

  • CFO: “Why did you bite him?”
  • Princess: “He ate all my cake”
  • CFO: “Where did you all get the cake?”
  • Princess: “It was the cake I made”
  • CFO: “You made cake?”
  • Princess: “Yes, my pretend cake”
  • CFO: “You bit Bruiser because he ate all of your pretend cake?”
  • Princess: “YES!”

Princess was sobbing the entire time.  The CFO and I had to try and stifle our laughter.  The CFO then explained to Princess that being that it was/is pretend cake she can always have/make more.  I think she gets it:)

We are all pretending The important thing is to maintain a straight face.
Maurice Valency
Modesty: the gentle art of enhancing your charm by pretending not to be aware of it.
Oliver Herford


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